11k+ Trees Planted by Eden Tax

Eden Tax, finance experts and business consultants, have pledged to plant trees and grow a forest with their wonderful community. Read how they’re making an impact to protect our Earth!
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Eden Tax & Their Social Responsibility

Eden Tax is in the business of helping businesses. But that’s not their only business. They’ve also made it their business to give back to society and Mother Earth.

Each year, Eden Tax commits 20% of its gross revenue to support a variety of charitable activities. The latest completed initiative was the twinning of a town for Toilet Twinning, a non-profit organisation that builds toilets in underdeveloped countries and that provides health and sanitation education to their inhabitants.

Growing a Forest in Haiti

Eden Tax has planted 11,050 trees with us in the forests of Haiti. This forest creates huge local and global impact:

🌳 11,050 trees will provide sustainable income for the local farming families

🏭 276,25 tons of CO2 will be absorbed every year when trees have reached maturity

🌬️ 1,105.00 tons of Oxygen will be created every year by these trees

💼 442 work hours will be created every year

💚 11,05 hectares of land will be reforested, restoring natural biodiversity

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By planting trees with ForestNation, the people of Eden Tax hope to raise awareness about climate changes and promote sensitivity for our planet and the environment.

We have created a forest in Haiti because we believe in helping the environment and providing work opportunities for the local community. We planted these 11,000 trees because it was the right thing to do. It makes us happy and proud to know that we did our share to help create a sustainable environment. We applaud ForestNation for giving companies the opportunity to contribute to a healthy environment.

Christian G. Fasseta, Founder of Eden Tax
Planting billions of trees across the world is one of the biggest and cheapest ways of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis. Trees also provide food for humans, birds, and the wildlife. Growing their own little forest, is Eden Tax’s way of contributing to a healthier environment and providing sustainable food supply.

Thank you so much for all you have done for the community of Saint Louis de Sud, Haiti. The people from mountain villages all over this region came in May to collect the trees they requested and are so thankful for: orange, grapefruit, lime, tamarind, mango, breadfruit and Haitian Oak. Giving trees to local families is one of the best ways to reforest here. They are growing the fruit trees all around their homes for much needed food and shade. And, when you give to families, it’s mostly the children that water the trees and carry the love for them into the next generation. 11,000 trees distributed to approximately 11,000 homes. You made a big difference!

Karen Nicolas, Project Lead of Haiti Tree Project
eden tax

Thanks to the Eden Tax team for spreading love for Mother Earth. Visit the Eden Tax forest and see how you can get involved!

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