How Flokk is Giving back to Mother Earth

Flokk, pioneers in the sustainable furniture industry, have pledged to plant trees and grow a forest with their wonderful community. See how they’re making an impact.
Flokk team growing trees and forests
Meet our happy new friends at Flokk just after their Trees arrived at their office in Switzerland. Oh wait, this place is actually called the House of Inspiration. 🙂 And it is truly inspiring how this company embraces sustainability in everything they do – creating sustainably designed products and inspiring their community to get involved!

Making eco friendly furniture

Flokk are leading manufacturers of sustainable furniture in Europe. The materials they use for their products are 95% recyclable! In 2017, Flokk production used 607 tonnes of recycled plastic. The goal this year is to recycle 1000 tonnes of plastic.
Why does this matter? According to European Federation of Furniture Manufacturers, only 10% of the furniture waste generated in Europe is recycled. So if the furniture industry embraces sustainability like Flokk, we have the potential to save around 9.7 tonnes of waste going into landfills every year!
Find out more about eco friendly furniture from Flokk.

Growing a forest in Tanzania

Flokk has planted 3,536 trees with us in the forests of Tanzania. Not only does this help cool the planet, this forest creates far reaching impact for our brothers and sisters in Tanzania:
  • 🌴 3,536 trees will provide sustainable income for local farming families
  • 🏭 88.40 tons of Carbon emissions will be offset by these trees every year upon maturity
  • 🌬️ 353.60 tons of Oxygen will be created by these trees annually
  • 👩🏽‍🌾 140 hrs of paying jobs were created for our nursery caretakers
  • 🏞️ 3.5 hectares of land will be reforested, restoring the natural biodiversity
  • 😀 Hundreds of local schoolchildren were involved in planting activities

Encouraging partners to grow trees

Flokk encouraged their partners to get involved, by gifting them trees to grow for Christmas. We’re planting more trees in Tanzania for each of these tree gifts! Also, we plant more trees when they name their Tree on ForestNation.
We’re seeing some great engagement from everyone who participated in growing their trees with Flokk. Here are some beautiful photos and messages we’ve received so far:

Baum ann

Mittlerweile der 826 Baum der in Zusammenarbeit mit Flokk gepflanzt wird. Weiter so 🙂 Happy planting. Wird ein Platz in unserem Garten bekommen.

We love trees because they give us so much back like oxygen and peace.

Our partners have accepted the idea well. It's fun to see how everyone takes care of their little tree, watering it, caring for it and enjoying it. Everyone understands the message and thinks it is good if we get involved with trees together.

The trees grow. Many partners have also donated individually. The feedback is positive and the campaign connects us.

Many partners have uploaded photos of their trees - we are of course especially pleased about this! We as Flokk are proud that we were able to plant so many trees and that we can make a contribution to the environment.

Judith H., Marketing Manager, Flokk

Thanks to the Flokk team for spreading love for Mother Earth. Visit the Flokk forest and see how you can get involved. #youplantweplant #pledgetoplant

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