From Earth Day to World No Tobacco Day

Save Our Globe are asking the local smokers to stop smoking on World No Tobacco Day and donate their one-day smoking cost with them.
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Earth Day event on 22nd April, 2015 was a great achievement for us and Mother Earth. More than 190,000 people joined us on PLEDGE TO PLANT – EARTH DAY hosted by ForestNation and The Master Shift. Nevertheless, Earth Day should not be one day of the year but celebrated every day. More and more people have registered their trees and plants, showing the care and sharing the green spirit worldwide.

Inspired by ForestNation as “Imagine a world where everyone grows their own tree”, Save Our Globe joined the Earth Day event with six flower plants and dedicated to celebrate Earth Day as everyday even bigger and more widespread. Henceforth, they decided to keep the planting spirit also on World No Tobacco Day (WNTD).

WNTD will be held globally by World Health Organization (WHO) on May 31st. WHO first launched WNTD in 1988, since then the celebration takes place on May 31st every year with various tobacco-concerned themes. The theme of this year is Stop illicit trade of tobacco products[1]. Regarding the theme, Save Our Globe organization supports the WNTD in a different manner, however.

About Save Our Globe

Save Our Globe is a non-profit organization that creates awareness among the people about the impact of climate changes and the necessity of saving valuable natural resources of our planet earth, whose founder are Jiaul Hoque and Navid Rijoan from Bangladesh. Raising the voice against the injurious and hazardous effects of illegal tobacco trade, they promote the message in their own green solution.

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Save Our Globe are asking the local smokers to stop smoking on WNTD and donate their one-day smoking cost with them. Half of the money will be spent on seeds and planting a tree under his/her name in dedication to the contribution. Meanwhile, the remaining half will support lunches for underprivileged children. In short, stopping smoking in one day can contribute a plant to the earth and a lunch for some underprivileged children.

Save Our Globe is now launching the event on facebook called Tree Plantation Program with the support from ForestNation. For more information, please contact Jiaul Hoque at

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