G8 My Summit Forest

Well ForestNation community, it has been done.  The G8 MY SUMMIT Forest has been planted!  If you look on the Clean Air Map, there are three different plantings on Haiti by ForestNation.  The one named Jacmel is our very own forest on behalf of MY SUMMIT 2010.  If you don’t remember, or are new to the community, you can go to the MY SUMMIT blog, or click on more details in the Jacmel pop-up.

So if you are wondering about why it has taken so long, we can say that we were trying to give the trees their wonderland.  The planting had to be done during optimum planting conditions, so we were trying to give our earth savers the best a tree can get.  There were 2000 trees in this plantation, enough for every global youth delegate and world leader at the G8 and G20 summits, and then some.  I also have to thank the Global Vision delegate that donated the $50 towards this; unfortunately this person will remain nameless because I had such a good time I forgot to write down his name.  This is my way of giving thanks, and supporting the young leaders of tomorrow.  I may be updating with news of co-ordinates and pictures, but we have to give it time because of the situation in Haiti.  I unfortunately couldn’t be there as I originally said due to these circumstances, but it makes me eager for the future when one of my extraordinary goals is completed with style.

Thanks to all the amazing people who helped get me here: Minister Clement, Anthony Rota M.P., Mr. David Pierce, Terry, Amy, and Jake Clifford, Andy Pothecary our Managing Director for organizing it, Trees for the Tomorrow for planting it, and all the inspiring people I met at Global Vision.

Keep on leading the world forward everybody.

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