Presidents planting trees in Aragón Spain

The President and Vice President of Motorland Aragón, the CEO of Dorna Sports, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism and chairman of Technology Park Motor, and Circuit CEO, all participated in a plantation of trees in the circuit. (José Ángel Biel, Carmelo Ezpeleta, Arturo Aliaga, Antonio Gasión)

This is part of our campaign with Repsol.

Repsol and Dorna wanted to plant 1,000 trees at the Motorland circuit and its surroundings area.  and, during this weekend, coinciding with the celebration of the Aragon Grand Prix A-Style, will give fans the opportunity to acquire a kit containing everything you need to plant a tree in their homes. For each kit, through a donation of 5 euros, a tree will be planted in Haiti and twin entire amount raised will be donated entirely to agro forestry development project in the Caribbean country, in collaboration with the International Solidarity. This project is done with WCAFI (World Clean Air Forest Initiative), endorsed by the UN Environment Programme.

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