How World Governments are Reforesting our Future

Reforestation is gaining momentum

Planting trees is the best way to tackle climate change, according to a recent study on world reforestation potential. Governments play a key role in realizing this potential. Here are the most successful tree planting programs led by world governments:

Ethiopia smashed records by planting 353 million trees in one day as part of their campaign to plant 4 billion trees by October! The country aims to recover forest cover which declined from 30% in the 19th century to just 4% now.

India is second to Ethiopia in the number of trees planted in a single day – 220 million trees were planted by more than a million Indians in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This was a huge jump from the 66 million saplings planted in their previous big plantation drive.

China is building a tree planting army, quite literally. It is now the duty of 60,000 soldiers to reforest 32,400 acres of land roughly the size of Ireland. That’s just 2% of the world’s largest army. Imagine if we had less war and conflicts, more soldiers would be available to plant millions of trees.

Africa is building a green wall of trees triple in size to the Great Barrier Reef! It’s an ambitious project to bring back life to the deserted Saharan borders. Countries who share those borders are moving beyond boundaries to collaborate for the environment.

Philippines made tree planting a graduation requirement. Each student will plant 10 saplings each for a total of 175 million new trees per year! Imagine if we had this law everywhere.

Pakistan is organizing a tree planting day later this month encouraging every citizen to plant at least 2 trees each. The current government has vowed to plant 10 billion trees by the end of their 5-year tenure!

These efforts give a much-needed impetus to global climate action. Hope they inspire other nations to up their tree-planting game. But it’s not just upto governments to green our planet. Companies, schools and everyone can help grow #forestnation in their own way. #imagineforestnation

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