How Soil Fertility Increases by Planting Trees

Soil has been degrading at a very fast pace. Read more about how planting trees can helps solve that.

Healthy and fertile soil is one of the most detrimental parts of the planting process. If there is no healthy soil, there is no growth, no food, and no shelter. 

And unfortunately, some reports say that by 2050, 90% of Earth’s soil could be degraded endangering millions of species of plants and animals.

Trees can help!

It’s pretty interesting how trees can solve problems that are detrimental to their development and growth. 

Trees absorb the water, thereby allowing it to soak into the ground. They also prevent soil particles from becoming dry by letting water seep down towards the roots through their leaves and bark. Fertilizer trees enhance soil health by taking nitrogen from the air and transferring it to the soil through their roots and leaf litter. Furthermore, they can bring nutrients from deep within the soil to its surface for crops with shallow roots.

Our reforestation project in Tanzania includes planting specific fertilizing trees that will help the autogeneration of crops.

Read more about our Tanzania reforestation project!

Ardora Bilibani
Ardora Bilibani
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