One Earth Show Pledges to Plant 100,000 Trees

One Earth has teamed up with ForestNation in an effort to plant 100,000 trees by the end of February 2021.
one earth show 100 thousand trees for tanzania

It’s no secret that here at ForestNation, we like to plant trees. That’s why we are so excited to plant 100,000 of them. Thanks to One Earth, we get to do just that. We’ve teamed up with them to plant 100,000 trees along with their sustainability event early next year. 

One Earth Show

The One Earth Show is a two day sustainability-driven experience, made to teach anyone ways to give a little back to Mother Earth, as well as to educate on environmental conversations.
The event will take place February 27-28th 2021, in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Open and interactive for all ages, it will include hands-on demonstrations, enthusiastic guest speakers, and, as with any good gathering, tasty food, locally sourced of course.
The goal of this event is to teach every and any consumer about pollution, climate change, and sustainable buying choices. All that wrapped up in an event that makes learning not only easy, but exciting.
one earth show first batch planted in tanzania

One Earth Pledge

The One Earth Show isn’t just about teaching everyone how to be more environmentally friendly, it’s about making sure the event itself is as well.
That’s where ForestNation comes in. In an effort to offset the carbon footprint of not just humans, but large events themselves, One Earth has pledged to plant 100,000 trees through ForestNation.
We’ve gifted the first 10,000 trees, and intend to involve all partners and attendees in reaching the target to plant 100K trees.
one earth show trees for tanzania

One Earth Action

Our work at ForestNation doesn’t just end with the environment. The areas and practices we use to plant our trees help create a source for jobs, income, and food for the people in each region. We prioritize sustainability and cohesiveness to each region’s needs and practices. Our trees also help the United Nations reach its sustainable development goals.
It doesn’t stop there for One Earth Show either. The event will include organized public transportation, be hosted in a building dedicated to more sustainable practices, and there will be no single-use plastics insight.

Get involved

Clearly, we’re proud to announce our partnership with One Earth, but we wanted to give a little shoutout to their other amazing partners as well. To create this eco-conscious event, One Earth is also joining with the NEC, the Ticket Factory, Pebbl, First News, Reach Plc, and MyGreen Pod.
If you’d like to contribute to the goal of 100,000 trees planted while learning about sustainability, hop on over to Birmingham in October! If you find yourself a bit too far from the U.K., check out the rest of the ForestNation website to learn how else you can get involved in the tree-planting movement
Visit the One Earth forest to learn more and see how you can get involved.

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