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Ilze Millere
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What is Forest Nation?

Welcome to Forest Nation, it’s nice to have you here! We hope that you stick around, find inspiration and take steps towards a more sustainable life with us.

Our mission is to help humanity thrive by re-connecting us to nature and to each other. We want to help create a world at peace, rich in resources and beauty for everyone. But what does that mean?

We, humans, are dependent on the wellbeing of our planet. Earth gives us food, supplies, energy. It gives us our home. However, we haven’t been treating the Earth right. Deforestation, global warming, pollution, extinction of so many species… It is our responsibility to make sustainable choices to protect our planet, and we want to inspire you to go on a greener path in your life.

We also want to inspire connection and community. In a world full of people, there is loneliness and lack of interaction and understanding. So here, at Forest Nation, we want to create a safe community to welcome everyone who wants more kindness in the world.

You Plant, We Plant.​

Our main goal is to motivate you to plant trees. Why? Because everyone – people, wildlife, environment – needs trees to survive and to thrive. Forests absorb and lock up carbon, produce oxygen, prevent flooding, reduce city temperatures and pollution, keep soil nutrient-rich and support wildlife. Growing and protecting forests helps to deal with climate change and with the biodiversity crisis by providing thousands of animal and plant species with a safe home (resource).

We can provide you with tree planting kits and fun activities to educate yourself while planting trees. We’ll be with you every step on the way and we’ll plant trees with you in areas that are negatively impacted by deforestation and industrial agriculture.

Start your tree planting journey here!

We also work with companies and individuals to educate you to make greener, more sustainable choices. Marketing, lesson plans, fundraisers… In the end, no matter what we do, our goal is to empower you to give back to and respect the source of everything you have in life – Mother Earth.

Now, where does this blog come in?

We want to shape our blog to create a welcoming space for a kind, creative community. This is where you can find tips to protect our Earth, advice on living kinder, and inspiration to share your love for nature and connect with like-minded individuals across the world.

Whether it is by following our advice, learning about our values and achievements or sharing your own journey of sustainable living, story of trees you’ve planted or creative project that expresses your admiration of Mother Earth – this is a place for you!

But first, let’s get to know each other better!

Today is Global Love Day, so it is the perfect day to look around and feel grateful about the beauty of nature around us. That’s why we asked members of our team to answer the question: “What you love most about nature?”. Here’s what they had to say:

“I love to trek mountains with lush green forests. Where I live, it’s so hot that the mountains are barren and anything but green. Often I have to travel far to experience nature’s beauty in full grandeur. So I appreciate the fact that we need to reforest our world and every one of us can do something about it.” (Swadesh)

“Forests are magical. When I walk in a forest I always feel a sense of calmness, energy and life. It’s such a beautiful thing to touch the trees and the earth, to feel that they are alive.” (Andrew)

“Spring’s here in the United States, and nature’s so bright, sunny, and green! Where I live, there are just these vast expanses of green grass, and it’s so beautiful and peaceful.” (Hope)

“Forests, to me, are really exciting. They are always full of surprises. They are calm and yet full of action. So silent, we can listen to the birds chirping from far away. So beautiful, no painter or photographer can ever capture their true beauty. It’s true and sad that we’ve to travel hundreds of miles to become a guest in these forests nowadays, but still, whenever we do, it feels no less than a warm hug of nature calling us home.” (Nilesh)

“My favorite part of nature is its ability to make me feel awestruck. I’m lucky enough to live pretty close to beautiful landscapes, so I always try to make the most of them and spend as much time outside as possible!” (Adrienne)

“As someone who grew up in a country filled with woodlands, I’ve developed a strong connection with forests. A forest is a place where I seek inspiration, find peace and source energy. Every time I visit a forest, I feel like I’m home.” (Ilze)

What about you? Will you become a part of the Forest Nation?

Let us know in the comments what you love about nature to join the conversation!

Ilze Millere
Ilze is a sustainable filmmaker who currently lives in England and is very passionate about the environment and mental health. She has been living a sustainable lifestyle for over a year now and loves spending time in the nature.

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