Salesforce Plants 35,000 Trees to help Reforest Tanzania

See how the Salesforce community is taking action to make an impact in Tanzania.
Salesforce impact Tanzania 2020
Salesforce, world’s #1 CRM software company is planting more than 35,000 trees with us in Tanzania. They’re planting these trees by encouraging their community to take positive action.

How Salesforce is Planting Trees

Oscon and Gracehopper 2019

OSCON is an annual conference for open source software development. Gracehopper is a yearly get together for women in computing. Salesforce tech teams take part in these events every year.
Salesforce booth 2019
Last year, they brought Salesforce tree kits made by ForestNation to these events. 7000 nature loving techies picked up these trees to grow at home. And because we plant matching trees for each tree kit, we planted 7000 more trees in Tanzania.
We planted 1 more tree for everyone who named their tree on ForestNation. Here are some of the best Salesforce tree posts:


Hi I’m Myr, a Crape Myrtle!


Combining my love of throwing ceramics and raising plants 🙂

Rodel UPRA

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese proverb #UPRA #CCOM #RODEL #SalesForce #ForestNation


Alto hopes to grow big and strong and wishes the same for his brothers and sisters that will be planted in the future 😀


Can’t wait to see this bad boy sprout!


Rustle is growing, so far it’s just a tiny seedling in its’ cup. My kids named it for the sound of leaves blowing in the


First night in its new environment next to some buddies. Finally planted the seeds after obtaining from GHC ’19. Can’t wait to watch it grow!

The business of business is improving the state of the world. We hope that by having zero-waste swag we will continue to improve the world. With two trees planted for every one seed we purchase, we are excited to see the difference the Salesforce Forest will make in Tanzania.

Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO
Here’s Yassin, head of our project in Tanzania, showing the impact made by Salesforce:

Futureforce Quiz Challenges

Every summer, Saleseforce recruits university graduates for their Futureforce internship program. All interns receive paid time off to volunteer for good causes. To make it more rewarding this year, we created a virtual challenge for the interns. For everyone who passed this challenge, we planted trees in the Salesforce forest. 7,700 trees were planted through this initiative.
Futureforce challenge preview 2019

More trees for the community to grow

Salesforce has pledged 20,000 more tree kits to plant with their team and community. These trees will get planted once offices are back to normal. We’ve started planting the matching trees in Tanzania.
salesforce forest you plant we plant

100 Million Trees by 2030

Salesforce has set a goal to plant 100 million trees by 2030. This will support World Economic Forum’s Trillion Tree initiative. The Salesforce forest in Tanzania is part of this initiative.

I know planting a trillion trees sounds daunting but there used to be six trillion trees on earth, now there are three trillion trees so we should be able to get another trillion back.

Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO

Visit the Salesforce forest to learn more about their impact in Tanzania.

trees by salesforce 2020

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