Seven Tips for Going Green at Trade Shows

De Ruyte, Daya

The trade show industry is considered the second most unsustainable industry in the world. It generates 600,000 tons of waste every year. [1] Tons of unread  flyers and brochures, excessive food waste, massive amounts of flights and the gigantic use of energy.

But trade shows are essential for business.  They’re an effective way for meeting potential customers and building a company’s reputation within their industry.  A company can market a product to a large audience of buyers in one place and also learn a lot about the competition.

A trade show is such a valuable business medium that it won’t be disappearing anytime soon. So companies should be responsible and reduce the negative effect that trade shows have on the environment.

Here’s some tips on how to go green at your next trade show.

Tip #1: Eco-friendly displays

Trade show displays are often made of plastic, aluminium or metal. But there are now more sustainable materials that can be used. We came across with an organisation that makes the greenest trade show displays on the market. Eco System Displays are not only eco-friendly, they also have an amazing innovative design, tailored to the needs of each company. They also have a Reincarnation Exhibit Recycling Program, designed to reduce the volume of used exhibit materials reaching landfills. The program features the recycling of nearly every exhibit material imaginable.

Head over to their website for more information on their amazing products and services:


Tip #2: Green Flooring solutions

There are a lot of green flooring solutions on the market. Brumark is a great company with products that help reduce negative effects on the environment.  They offer a wide selection of sustainable products to satisfy your trade show flooring needs. Their high-quality products are innovative, attractive and economical. Bamboo, cork, sisal, seagrass and wood are some of the materials they use for their floors.

For more information on green flooring, go to

Tip #3: Ecowall is the way to go

Ecowall developed an innovative construction system made of “Cardboard PLUS”. It’s especially designed for trade shows. The system is very eco-friendly and versatile. It allows their customers to create stands, photo calls, product corners and other support types for events.

The Ecowall system has many advantages:

  • Competitive price because of cost-saving in assembly, disassembly and distribution and because it’s reusable.
  •  Efficient and simple distribution because of the lightness of the Ecowalls.
  •  Ecowalls receive a protective treatment which makes the walls more fireproof than walls established under conventional standards.
  • Ecowalls are 100% printable to ensure very attractive graphics at your booth.
  • The walls are reusable. This saves costs and it’s also an eco-friendly advantage.

Take a look at for more on Ecowall.


Tip #4: The living wall

Another eco-friendly and original way to green your booth is to use a “living wall”. Green EcoWalls® makes all kinds of structures in which plants can flourish. They grow plants in a nutrient solution by using an innovative hydroponic design. They can create efficient and effective living architecture that offers both service and amenity.

The Green Eco Wall has many environmental and ecological benefits. The use of plants will improve indoor air quality and it’s an eye-catcher that will really make your trade show booth come to life!

Green EcoWall® applications are illustrated here:

💡 Read more: Guide to Eco Friendly Event Booths

Tip #5: Greener printing

If you must print make sure you use eco-friendly print materials. We found a company that offers a wide selection of brochures, flyers, posters. We found a company that offers a wide selection of brochures, flyers, poster on environment, banners, and displays. Greenerprinter’s mission is to develop products in harmony with the planet. They use recycled paper, soy and vegetable-based inks, and state-of-the art equipment to minimise waste during the printing process.

You can see their wide selection of products on

Customized Tree Gifts

Tip #6: Eco-friendly promotional products

Promotional products are an important part of any trade show. They need to be innovative enough to capture your prospect’s attention. They are also an ongoing reminder to reinforce your brand.

Our tree kits and campaign are a revolutionary promotional product that will help grow your business and engage with your clients. Ask prospects to promise to plant when you gift them their tree kit and then follow up to see how it’s growing…

Normal promotional products are one-hit-wonders. But our tree growing kits promote your company for a life time. They’ll remember you everyday they care for their tree.

For more information: eco-friendly promotional product.

Tip #7: Small changes make big differences

Make sure you recycle your trade show materials at the end of the event. At most trade shows there are facilities for exhibitors to recycle. Look into the available options and try your best to recycle as much as possible. You can also use energy-efficient lighting. LED lights decrease power consumption dramatically and you can find LED-lights easily.

Bottom Line

You can make big changes and decrease the negative effects that trade shows have on the environment by using tips like these. These eco-friendly changes are good for the environment and also beneficial to your company. They show your clients that you are being socially responsible by actively reducing your carbon footprint and caring about our environment.

Do you have other tips for a green trade show booth?

De Ruyte, Daya

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  1. Handing out massive paper brochures has always got my eco-goat. Such a waste of paper, especially as most people just take them out of kindness, and then just dump them around the corner!

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