Tanzania video update


This video shows the ongoing tree planting project and environmental conservation activity. Tree nurseries at 8 rural schools are helping in this early phase of the project. They are planting a range of tree species including species native to the Usambara rain forests.

“You plant one We plant one” Tree Kits have funded 200,000 trees to be planted with local communities and schools in Tanzania.

Full project details

An important step towards our objective to plant Billions of Trees!

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– The White Feather Foundation

– Sheraton Paris Airport

– Boca Raton Middle School

– Primal Pit Paste

– Fairmont Copley Plaza

– DJK Custom Homes

– Girl Scouts Heart of The Hudson

– Reclaimed Table

– Potomac Massage Training Institute

– Hotel Grower Ketcham

– Jireh Metal Products


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