Two Hours a Week of Nature Recommended for Good Health

Nature is the best medicine

Research led by the University of Exeter reveals that you need atleast two hours out in nature for good health and wellbeing. The observation applies to people of age groups. And it doesn’t matter if you get your two hours in multiple outings.

“It’s well known that getting outdoors in nature can be good for people’s health and wellbeing but until now we’ve not been able to say how much is enough. The majority of nature visits in this research took place within just two miles of home so even visiting local urban greenspaces seems to be a good thing. Two hours a week is hopefully a realistic target for many people, especially given that it can be spread over an entire week to get the benefit.” – Dr. Dan White, lead author of the research.

So, how many hours of nature-time are you putting in? #forestnation

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