World Soil Day: 5 Awesome Ways to Participate

World Soil Day is coming up on Saturday 5th of December! This year’s theme is 'Keep soil alive, Protect soil biodiversity'. Do you know in what ways you can celebrate this international day?
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What is World Soil Day?

Soils are an extremely important aspect of our ecosystem, and protecting them is essential to preserve biodiversity. Indeed, soils foster multiple living organisms, including plants and crops destined for human consumption. However, Earth’s soils are frequently endangered, due to certain agricultural practices for example.

Since the early 2000s, organisations such as the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) have alerted global leaders on this matter. Finally, in 2012, the United Nations adopted the 5th of December as the annual soil global observance day, or World Soil Day. 

How can I participate?

1. Attend an online event

Each year, organisations put together events to celebrate and teach about World Soil Day. In this regard the pandemic has been challenging, but fear not, you can still attend such events online!

For instance, if you want to hear from official UN speakers on the topic, you can sign up to the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO) webinar happening on the 7th of December. Another event worth checking out is the Official World Soil Day Ceremony, held over zoom on December 4th! 


2. Learn more about our planet

World Soil Day is also the perfect opportunity to educate yourself or others on contemporary environmental challenges. Indeed, there is always something new to learn, and it is necessary to be informed in order to properly care for Mother Nature!

Lucky for you, we make learning fun at Forest Nation! Our online quizzes in ForestPlay allow you to learn eco-facts and test your knowledge in an interactive way, whilst earning SEED points to plant trees in your Forest! Fun and eco-friendly! 

3. Watch the "Kiss the Ground" Documentary

This new documentary sheds light on the importance of preserving our soils in the fight against climate change. Narrated by Woody Harrelson, and featuring experts or A-list celebrities such as Gisele Bünchen and Ian Somerhalder, Kiss the Ground guarantees to ‘leave you feeling hopeful’ for the furure. 

Actually, ForestNation’s Senior Ambassador Julian Lennon is an executive director on this project, and his White Feather Foundation partially funded early stages of production! Kiss the Ground is at the crossroads between a love story to our soil and a glimmer of hope for the future, making it the ideal activity for World Soil Day! Available to stream on Netflix or Vimeo.

4. Appreciate the outdoors

Another great way to celebrate our soils, and nature in general? Spend some time outside! World Soil Day is on a Saturday, so how about you take the day off and just relax in calm, natural surroundings…

Have a stroll in the most beautiful parks in your area, alone or with your loved ones! If you’re lucky, you could even plan a cosy weekend getaway to nearby mountains or woods! 

5. Give back to Mother Nature

Of course, you can also actively give back to Mother Nature! Show some love by spending the afternoon tending to your garden or simply watering the plants on your balcony. 

Living in a flat without sufficient space for larger plants doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a little bit of nature inside! Don’t let this stop you. Check out our tree kits, which allow you to grow your own tree inside your home without taking up any space at all! Furthermore, our tree kits follow methods of agroforestry that boost the soil’s ability to capture carbon, therefore looking out for our planet’s health! 

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