M&E Week

34,852 trees

Who: M&E Week is the major event for the Manufacturing and Engineering industries in the UK

What: Planting Trees to offset event emissions and Planting Trees for every attendee

How: Used eGifts to communicate their planting before the event. Used in-event banners and fun tree elements to promote the initiative.

Why: UK government has set a target for all industries to achieve Net Zero by 2050. This was one of the main agendas for the M&E Week event.

M&E Week

M&E Week 2023

For the 2nd year in a row, ForestNation teamed up with M&E Week to create a carbon-neutral event. This year, they planted 3,380 trees to offset their emissions and 12,821 more trees for attendees!

Gift A Forest To Attendees Before the Event

M&E Week used eGifts to engage with participants before the event. Through the eGift Story feature, they notified attendees that trees had been planted on their behalf.

M&E Week

We designed the eGift Story with 3 slides highlighting M&E Week’s initiative. The eGift links to the M&E Week Forest, where attendees can see their collective impact.

Fun Ways to Communicate Sustainability During the Event

To effectively convey the sustainability message, M&E Week incorporated these new engaging elements in addition to the display banner like last year featuring the carbon neutral initiative:

  • A Tree Charging Station adorned with hanging leaves, showcasing facts about the positive environmental and social impact created by the M&E Week Forest.
  • A Tree Performer on Stilts captivating the crowd and lightening up the mood 🙂
M&E Week

M&E Week Forest Impact

Here’s the impact created by M&E Week so far:

🌳 21,673 trees planted in Tanzania
🌳 21.67 hectares of land reforested
🌳 541.83 tons of CO2 absorbed yearly
🌳 2,167.30 tons of O2 created yearly
🌳 867 work hours created for local communities

Visit their Forest here and help them create more impact.

M&E Week 2022

Net Zero Event

Major stakeholders from the Manufacturing and Engineering industry in the UK got together earlier this year at M&E Week. With the UK’s target to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the importance of sustainability for the industry is higher than ever. This was one of the main agendas for the event and the organizers paved the way by planting trees to make the entire event carbon-neutral.

We calculated 136.8 tons of CO2 emissions for the event and planted 5,472 trees in Tanzania to offset these emissions. We factored all emissions including venue usage, materials, exhibitor and staff transport, accommodation, etc. to calculate the total event footprint. Then we calculated the number of trees that would cover this footprint.

One more tree was planted for every event attendee!

Pre-Event and In-Event Promotions

M&E Week communicated its Net Zero campaign through announcements on email and social media. They also featured this initiative on the event website linking to their Forest profile so attendees could see their impact.

At the event, visitors were welcomed with a banner about the initiative. Opposite this was the ForestNation booth where they could meet our team to discuss how they can go carbon neutral.

Sustainability Cafe

This was a ‘Green eco-friendly’ catering area located in the center of the event area promoting the Net Zero tree planting program. It featured eco-friendly utensils, reusable water bottles, and no single-use plastics were used. This space was sponsored by the Sustainability partner of the event.

Hako Machines

Thanks to M&E Week for introducing us to Hako Machines, who were one of the exhibitors at the event. Hako Machines has planted over 10,000 trees in their own Forest by gifting tree kits to communicate their Net Zero goals. See their case study here.

10,000 Giving Trees were planted in the M&E Week Forest as recognition for encouraging Hako Machines to grow their Forest.