Earth Day

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Plant for Mother Earth (ME)

What have you done for Mother Earth latel?

EarthDay 2018

For EARTH DAY, April 22nd, let’s come together to “GIVE BACK” to the Mother Earth for all she has given us. It’s an old Native American tradition that when you take something from the Earth, you put something back. Our goal is to reach One Billion acts of kindness for the Earth by planting One Billion trees.

Why trees?

We’ll let our Guardians explain:

Make a Creative Contribution

All Businesses/Organizations/Schools/Individuals: You are welcome to join us by becoming a contributor for the event. Contributors can host their own event, promote the event or perhaps create a video. We encourage you to use your own creativity. In doing so, the possibilities are endless.

Creative Contributions


The Earth Day event is hosted by:

Corporate Gifts

Communicate, connect and engage with to the people most important to you.

Branded Tree Kits


The greenest school fundraiser ever. Your students will get everyone to plant and grow!

Education & Fundraising


SEEDS are digital points you collect. You can then choose where to plant real trees.