What have you done for M.E. lately

#PledgeToPlant for Mother Earth!

#PledgeToPlant for Mother Earth!

Give Back to Mother Earth (M.E.) and show her you are grateful for all she gives you. A simple way to give back is to grow something out of love and plant it in the ground, or keep it in a pot at home.

You can get your seedlings, plants or seeds locally or ask us to help you. After you plant you can feature your photos and videos in ForestNation. 

Looking after our home is our common goal for all our sisters and brothers around the world. It connects us to Mother Nature and connects us all to each other.

“It’s an old Native American tradition that when you take something from the Earth you must put something back. Mother Earth Day is a global Give back to Earth event, as an offering for all that M.E. gives us.”

Start today with a pledge!

Plant something that is organic, perennial and suitable to the growing conditions in your area. If the temperature is not conducive to planting outside, just start growing indoors or commit to planting once the outdoor temperature is warm enough. If you live in an apartment, plant something in a pot or donate your tree to a garden in your area.