ForestNation Guardians Fundraiser

Forest-Nation-Guardians-Tree Kit Fundraiser

It is really easy to start!

  • Motivate students with free lesson resources and sing along music video.
  • Use fundraising forms to collect pre-orders and funds upfront. Download Form. (We can customise the seeds for you)
  • Or purchase tree kits now to supercharge your fundraiser. Students can grow their own trees first and have stock to sell directly.
  • Fundraise anyway you like with any profit margin you need.
ForestNation-Guardians tree kits

You Plant We Plant

You’re amazing! You can plant 4 trees with 1 Tree Kit:

  • We plant one matching tree for each tree kit.
  • When you make a Tree Post we’ll plant an additional tree.
  • When you Replant your tree in a bigger pot, garden or forest we’ll plant another Tree.

This is greenest fundraiser ever, and ForestNation will plant matching trees in developing countries. You can raise funds for your school and give your students fun education with nature.

Gracemarie Rozea

President for NYS PTA

I think a place where everyone grew their own tree would be inspiring, especially children planting trees – I believe that it would encourage everyone, even our littlest citizens to take care of the earth in a very special way.

Christine – Parent

Castlebay Lane Charter School

I love trees because they are a great place to sit and read a book with a friend.

Ethan – Kindergartener

Castlebay Lane Charter School

Get Your Students Growing!

Tree Kits are the greenest School Fundraiser ever! They’re also a socially responsible and sustainable learning activity that lasts a lifetime.

Ask your local community to grow trees with you and raise the funds your schools needs. We’ll also plant matching trees in developing countries.