4 Types of Forest

We’ve all explored forests (or at least seen them on the TV!) but did you know that there are many unique types of forest which have different biological properties?

This infographic tells you about four different types of forest we should all know about – you might even have one or more of them near where you live! Read the infographic, take the quiz and earn points towards a SEED to help grow a forest and fight back against deforestation!

What you’ll learn about forests and why it matters:

You’ll learn about the 4 types of forest that exist on Mother Earth. You’ll learn what is unique to each of them, how much of the Earth’s surface is covered by rainforests, and so much more!Even as you read this, forests are continually shrinking due to deforestation. In order to preserve them, take the quiz and plant a SEED on Forestnation…don’t forget to share this link to your social media so others can plant with you!

Why we love this infographic!

Who knew that the forests on Earth could be so varied? Even if you’ve learned about these 4 types before, it’s easy to forget that information! Forests are all around us, they help Mother Earth, and they need our help!We here at ForestNation love how this infographic also gives us ways to make a difference. In fact, the third tip, “Plant Trees,” can be done right here! Take the quiz, and earn points towards a SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to OneTreePlanted for creating this infographic about the 4 types of forests! Another company that focuses on reforestation, OneTreePlanted has even more facts about trees on their website, so click to find out more!