Eco-Home 101

As we all spend more time at home than ever before, it is very important to learn about the easy eco-friendly changes we could all make to our habits and our homes themselves!Thinking about these changes can help both our wallets and the planet at the same time–it’s a win-win situation!

What you’ll learn about eco-friendly homes:

We all know the basics, like turning off lights when leaving rooms and not having really long showers, but there’s so much more we could all do to make our homes as eco-friendly as possible!With this infographic, you will learn how insulation affects heat-retention, how junk mail negatively impacts the planet, and so much more!Just as we regularly fix our homes’ pipes and roofs so we can live comfortably, we should also prioritise actions that reduce our ecological footprints while also saving us lots of money down the road!

Why we love this infographic!

Though many facts in the infographic are about households in the UK, everyone (no matter where they live in the world) can put these great tips to good use.We are a united community in the fight against man-made climate change and must help our beloved Mother Earth in any way we can! Every individual action makes a difference, and those small differences add up!So, read the infographic, ace the quiz and earn points towards a SEED to help combat global warming and save Mother Earth!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to Wickes, a retail company based in the UK, for this colorful infographic!Thanks to Arno Smit on Unsplash for the quiz cover pic.Special thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz!

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