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Happily is the largest and most diverse network of independent event specialists in the world. Our mission is to reduce waste, represent diverse voices, and reinvest in local and forgotten communities.

We have committed to becoming a carbon negative event company by 2030. We have a sustainability certification exam that, when passed by our freelancers, pays them out an additional bonus upon successful completion of a green event.

Plant with us

To offset the carbon emissions that each of our productions produced in 2022, we will issue the planting of over 100 acres of trees. However, our real goal is actually to reduce the amount of trees we need to plant. 🌳🌳✨

This year was 5x more trees than what we had to plant last year with a virtually-oriented show lineup. With the watershed return to onsite productions, we certainly saw more travel, which unfortunately means more carbon emissions (and hence, so many trees that needed to be planted to offset it).

We mitigated this by:
– Always offering a livestream option to guests which broadened reach
– Initializing more hub and spoke conferences which made way for deeper local activation
– Utilizing over 90% remote or local team members for each project
– Sticking to our sustainable production playbook
– And calculating all emissions of the event – including guest travel – and planting enough trees to offset those emissions in our forest.

Shout out to ForestNation who are the stewards of our Happily Forest in Tanzania.

Reforesting Tanzania

We are planting trees in Tanzania, creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming communities and empowering local youth.

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