Welcome to OneCoWork Forest

The OneCoWork Mission With ForestNation

As a coworking space we have a huge responsibility to lead the way in which the world works. We want to grow with the world, not against it. So, we’ve introduced The Green Membership to all of our membership plans. This allows our current and future members to positively impact the world around them as their businesses grow.

What Exactly is OneCoWork?

At OneCoWork, we believe that the key foundations of growth are innovation, collaboration and creativity. Our workspaces are designed to both inspire you every morning and to foster a sense of community, bringing together young talent, freelancers, startups, SMEs and large corporates.

With regular lectures from world-renowned professors and workshops from both professional services and business leaders, a OneCoWork membership is not just about coming to work, it’s about expanding your horizons and fulfilling your business and personal potential.

Meet the People Behind the Initiative

We’ve created our first ever Positive Initiative Committee, otherwise known as: The Joyful Committee. The Joyful Committee is a collection of staff that are concerned about how we grow and have the influence and the ambition to re-root our growth toward a more positive future.

More Positive Initiatives From OneCoWork

OneCowork collaborated with NGO “Homeless Entrepreneur” on an event where members, friends and restaurants were able to donate anything from clothes and food, to haircuts for the homeless in Barcelona. We collected over 500 meals, loads of clothes and came together at Arc de Triumph to give homeless people the chance to get haircuts, grab something to eat and have a chat. A few of us spent the night with the homeless under the arc the triumph with the intention of creating awareness of the problems they face in the streets.

Thanks from Tanzania.

First seedlings sprouting.

Reforesting Tanzania

ForestNation is an amazing project that aims not only to contribute to the environment but to enrich the business ecosystem, helping companies engage with their employees and customers alike. Due to Andrew, the founder, having a membership with us this initiative could not have been any easier to implement or filled with any more heart. We believe this project is having a positive impact on the OneCoWork community both here in Barcelona and overseas and we absolutely trust that together we can make the world better.

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