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Plant with us

Besides raising awareness, we are proud to share that with each purchase of one of our green displays, our customers automatically support the growth of the Philips monitors forest as we donate a portion of the profits.

Of course, we also aim to raise our employees’ and customers’ awareness and educate them on the consequences of CO2 emissions.

We want to convince consumers to buy environmentally friendly products and encourage everyone to participate in our efforts to make technology more sustainable and make informed choices to reduce carbon emissions, plastic waste and energy consumption.

Philips monitors

Philips monitors are marketed and sold exclusively by MMD-Monitors & Displays Holding B.V. (‘MMD’). MMD-Monitors & Displays Holding B.V. (‘MMD’), registered in the Netherlands, with their head offices in Amsterdam, is a wholly owned company of TPV Technology Limited (‘TPV’), which is one of the world’s leading monitor and LCD TV manufacturers.

By combining the Philips brand promise with TPV’s manufacturing expertise in displays, MMD uses a fast and focused approach to bring innovative products to market.

Our social responsibility

Philips monitors is a globally operating monitor expert that is aware of both its responsibilities and its resources regarding sustainability and climate change. This is what motivated Philips monitors to develop and launch the most sustainable monitors the market has ever seen. With the introduction of the greenest monitors, the 272B1G and 241B7QGJEB, Philips monitors set new standards in terms of eco-friendly technology. Without compromising on image or build quality, Philips monitors launched displays that employ eco-friendly materials and meet major international standards. To lessen environmental impact, the 241B7QGJEB and 272B1G (27”) models, are boxed in 100% recyclable paper cushions and non-EPE packaging materials. All the plastic body parts of these three models are made of lightweight, 85% post-consumer recycled plastics that are free of PVC and BFR. While the 241B7QGJEB is TCO Certified Edge, the 272B1G also consists of 100% recyclable materials for all its body parts and metal chassis. Thanks to the special low consumption backlight, these monitors achieve energy savings of up to 40% compared to conventional monitors. Their foremost eco-conscious feature is the PowerSensor, a built-in ‘people sensor’ that transmits and receives harmless infrared signals to determine if you are present. Once you step away, the PowerSensor automatically reduces monitor brightness to cut energy costs by up to 70% and prolongs the life of the monitor.

Philips monitors also kicked off their CSR Foundation to strengthen our impact in the communities we live and work in.

Furthermore, Philips monitors will start collaborating with Pact. Pact works in nearly 40 countries to improve the lives of those who are challenged by poverty and marginalization. Pact’s Mines to Markets program, or M2M, uses an integrated, holistic approach to help resource-dependent communities improve their lives. We bring together government, industry and miners to make artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) formal, safer and more productive. Pact’s efforts are helping to reveal and make the most of ASM’s contributions to development.

Reforesting Tanzania

We are planting trees in Tanzania, creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming communities and empowering local youth.

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