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Plant with T3 Sterling Road!

T3 Sterling Road is proud to contribute to a greener future through ForestNation! We invite you to join us in planting the “T3 Sterling Road” forest in celebration of our groundbreaking and beyond—and to honor our deep commitment to responsible, sustainable development.

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Sustainability has been at the heart of Hines since its inception, and we are passionate about partnering with leading manufacturers, universities, engineers—and environmental advocates like ForestNation—to elevate the efficiency, value, and ecological benefit of our properties. At Hines, sustainability is not a means to an end, but an ongoing practice that fosters communities and cities around the world.

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T3: Healthy, Sustainable, and Beautiful

With heavy timber as T3 Sterling Road’s structure and exposed timber as its signature feature, this building brings sustainability, environmental conscience, and the health benefits of wood to the workplace. Rapidly renewable, sustainably sourced, and cleaner to construction, timber also keeps carbon out of the atmosphere. Tenants at our “T3” buildings across North America love the look, feel – and environmentally responsible approach – of their new workplace.

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Benefits of T3

• Sustainably sourced from managed forests
• Rapidly renewable – using young trees, not old growth
• Removes CO2 from the atmosphere – stored in the structure of each T3 building
• Cleaner construction – using wood reduces CO2 emissions
• Beautiful, natural-looking spaces
• Biophilic benefits of timber interiors

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Hines: Dedicated to Sustainability

Sustainability has been at the heart of the firms ince mechanical engineer Gerald D. Hines founded the company in 1957. Below are a few statistics of how we stack up as a company:
• 90.1 million+ square feet that have been certified, pre-certified or registered under LEED®
• 71.9 million+ square feet in the ENERGY STAR® program
• 22.5 million+ square feet that have been certified or registered under WELL
• 7.8 million+ square feet certified under BREEM
• 4.7 million+ square feet in the DGNB program
• 2 million+ square feet certified under HQE
• 1.7 million+ square feet certified under Fitwel

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Learn more at T3Sterling.com and Hines.com!

tanzania green schools program

Reforesting Tanzania

We are planting trees in Tanzania, creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming communities and empowering local youth.

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