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15 Years of Conservation and Restoration

We focus on the future—sustainability for the next generation. But to truly appreciate where we're headed, you have to go back to how it all began. Staff from Westervelt Ecological Services (WES) shares how the company got started fifteen years ago. The mitigation banking industry has changed a lot since the 80s where on site-mitigation was common. Today, we take a different view of conservation. We undertake mitigation and conservation that will make a regional difference. WES, and the private sector's energy, can collaborate with government and non-profits to complete restoration projects. Delivering true conservation counts- WES knows how to get it done right.

First images from the Westervelt Ecological Services trees growing in the nursery in Tanzania.

These trees create jobs for local women who take great care of the trees and get them ready to plant in the November rainy season.

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ForestNation - 23.12.2022

Thank you for gifting trees to Mother Earth and your people. Let’s gift and grow together in 2023. Happy Holidays from Team ForestNation.

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