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We want to give back in thankfulness for the pristine air we breathe in The Bahamas, for the pure waters surrounding our beaches and play our part in assuring a healthy, environmentally safe planet for our children and our children’s children. So we are planting trees to represent each of our members of staff on our family tree, which has its roots in The Bahamas and in Uruguay and branches in The Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong and Chennai.

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The Winterbotham Trust Company Limited is a bank, broker dealer and fiduciary, assisting clients’ structure and implement transactions to meet their wealth producing and preservation goals around the world. Enabling the solution: ownership structure, instruments and modus operandi, Winterbotham provides a unique contribution to the client and advisors assuring the viability, risk mitigation, compliance and profitability of operations www.winterbotham.com which today is enhanced through our support and commitment to Forum for Impact

Reforesting Tanzania

We are planting trees in Tanzania, creating sustainable livelihoods for local communities affected by deforestation. This project creates jobs for women, generates income for farmers through agroforestry and educates local youth.

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Why you love Forests

The Tree:

At last here among the trees,
with just the sound of birds and leaves
rustled by caressing breezes.
A ray of sunshine dancing teases,
soft and tender and full of green
through thick foliage and in between,
a small patch of luscious grasses,
when just as suddenly it passes
to separate each golden leaf of green,
a rare moment of nature as our queen.

The ground is thick from last year
with crispy, brittle, brown and clear
leaves fallen dead discarded by
a forest so rich, reaching a sky
so clear, so blue, revolving round
that great awesome ball from which no sound
comes, but like all powerful kings
controls the heart and soul, then death brings
with darkness, but like others must grow old,
retiring to a tomb of orange and gold.

Tall and proud, majestic, free,
wisdom from age never to be
found in mortal things. That’s nature.
A wonderful world of such stature,
plains, valleys, woods, water and living
things across oceans and lands giving
more hope in every corner where man
must always demonstrate that he can
ride over that ageless wisdom and see
himself master of our heritage, the Tree.

Winterbotham Bahamas Team

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