Thanksgiving tree planting day

Plant a tree to say thank you to mother nature for all she gives you.

Plant a tree to give thanks for all that you have

It’s time to give back to nature by planting a tree on November the 28th to say thank you for everything that you have in your life. The air you breathe, the food you eat and the products you use all come from the same source.

By giving back to nature you will also be helping other people that don’t have as much as you. A healthier planet will be able to look after more people.

Thanksgiving Tree Planting Day

You can buy a tree seedling or small tree from your local garden centre, florist or nursery. You can plant a tree in your garden, for your local community or even in a plant pot for your balcony. If it’s too cold to plant outside keep your tree indoors until spring. It’s the tree planting ACT that counts.

Inspired by Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated in North America. It’s a day of giving thanks for the harvest of the preceding year and also to think about the less fortunate. What better way to give thanks than to plant a tree to help restore our natural resources and create a healthier planet that can look after us all. Giving back to nature is something you should all do no matter where you are.

National Tree Week

National Tree Week is organised by The Tree Council and is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration (23rd November to 1st December 2013). So plant a tree with us on the 28th November to give thanks and celebrate trees.

Pledge to Plant on Thanksgiving Day

Show your appreciation for Mother Earth and give back by planting a tree.


Plant trees on November 28th

It’s really easy to find some trees to plant locally. Your local garden centre, florist or nursery can supply you with small trees or seedlings. You can plant a tree in your garden, in a pot for your terrace or balcony, in your local school or park (if you have permission)… If you are stuck for ideas or cannot get a tree to plant just contact us for help.

  • Register your promise to plant.
  • Organise your tree seedling from a local nursery, florist or garden centre. Request help if you need it.
  • Upload your photos and/or video.
  • Enjoy, care and show your respect for nature!

* If it’s not a good time of year to plant outside in your area you can still participate. Plant your tree in a plant pot and care for it until the time is right to plant outside or transplant to a bigger pot.


We are very delighted to participate in the tree planting and as part of our Global Environmental commitment. (Tree Planting Day 1. See their tree)

              Steve Palomero ~ The Westin Resort Guam 

We are going to plant two trees to support this initiative in Son Vida Hotel. (Tree Planting Day 1. See their tree)

              Jaime Cortés ~ Son Vida Hotel, Starwood Hotels

Gift a tree on Thanksgiving Day

Give a gift people will be forever thankful for.


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