Natural Climate Solutions

Greta Thunberg stormed onto the world stage in 2018, calling for Mother Earth’s citizens to wake up and start addressing man-made climate change. Despite her age, her belief and the power of her message succeeded in creating movements across the world.

In this video, Greta – with the help of UK environmentalist George Monbiot – outlines why we need to focus on natural solutions to climate and ecological breakdown.

What you’ll learn and why it matters:

You’ll learn how much global governments spend on fossil fuel subsidies compared to how little funding goes towards natural climate solutions. 

If we continue heading down this path, then Earth will lose the majority of its current biodiversity, leading to irreversible damage for the natural world and our place in it.

Why we love this video!

We strongly believe that it’s never too early, and never too late, to make a difference in the world. Whether you’re still at school like Greta or closer to George Monbiot’s age, you can always strive to learn and spread knowledge.

Mother Earth needs natural climate solutions in order to heal, and she simply won’t do this without all of our help! So, watch the video, take the quiz and earn points towards a SEED and become part of a community taking direct action against climate change with the power of trees!

Whose message is it?

Thanks to Natural Climate Solutions for this video that calls for the restoration, protection and funding of natural climate solutions like trees and forests. Also, a great ForestNation thanks to Greta Thunberg for taking this issue to the world!