The Asian Elephant: An Endangered Icon

Asian Elephants are one of the most intelligent animal species on Earth. They are such an interesting species; for example, they can use tools, but can’t jump at all.They contribute greatly to the diversity of our planet, and their ecosystem depends on them to continue functioning, so let’s work to make sure that they don’t go extinct! 🤝If you’re curious to learn more, here’s list of fun facts about them!

What you’ll learn about the endangered Asian elephant and why it matters:

You’ll learn all about the Asian Elephant, including how many remain in the wild, the biggest threats to the population, and why it’s so important that we save them.Wise Up about an endangered icon, the Asian Elephant! Complete the quiz to get closer to another SEED and see if your knowledge will help them live not only in your memories, but on our beautiful Earth as well! 🐘

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to the World Wildlife Fund, an organization dedicated to the wilderness preservation, for making this educational video. 💚Elephant size thanks to Hope Tsai for contributing to this quiz! You can help us out too and plant more trees with your contributions, see more actions. 🙏

What’s next?

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