Actions for Mother Earth

More ways for You to collect SEEDs and plant TREES

  • Gift SEEDs
Gift Your Friends SEEDs to Plant. You’ll get more SEEDs when they accept and join ForestNation!
  • Plant with your community
Give back to Mother Earth as a company, school or community. Your plant, We plant.
  • Name Your Tree
If you’ve received a ForestNation tree gift, name your tree to plant more matching trees. Add photos and messages and help us encourage more people to grow their own trees.
  • Quiz Scout
Suggest infographics, videos or content for us to make a quiz from. Collect 1 SEED point and contribute to ForestPlay!
  • Quiz Master
Submit content, questions and answers to make a quiz on ForestPlay. Collect 5 SEEDs and help people give back to Mother Earth.




Tons of CO2
absorbed yearly​


Tons of Oxygen
created yearly​

Screenshot, crop & share on social!