The Forest Water Relationship

In addition to playing a crucial role in slowing climate change, trees also help preserve and clean fresh water. They prevent erosion while filtering pollutants and sediment out of our lakes and rivers. Another reason to plant as many trees as we can! Play the quiz to earn points towards a SEED, and participate in reforesting the world!

What You’ll Learn about The Forest Water Relationship and why it’s Important

You’ll learn about where our drinking water comes from and how forests help to keep it pure. Trees play a crucial role in naturally occurring freshwater. When we remove forests surrounding freshwater, flowing water is allowed to carry sediment and pollutants into that water source. But the opposite is true as well! If we replant forests near freshwater sources, the trees will help to purify the water. Everyone needs clean water, so it’s great to learn about where it comes from and what role forests play in it!

Why we love this video!

Though brief, this video does a great job of explaining the sources of our drinking water and the work that forests do to keep it pure. We love how the Southern Group of State Foresters condenses complex topics into bite-size pieces, while still discussing their importance. Watch the video to learn more, answer some questions, and earn points towards a SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to the Southern Group of State Foresters for this snappy and informative video about the forest water relationship
Cover photo for this quiz was taken from Shutterstock.
Big thanks to Ross Marotta for creating this quiz.