15 Ways Businesses Contribute to Their Community on Earth Day

Jeshua Cardenas
15 Ways Businesses Contribute to Their Community on Earth Day

Every April 22nd, countries around the globe celebrate Earth Day. While not an official United States holiday, the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was instrumental in the idea of a day to remind people to protect the Earth.

How Can Businesses Celebrate Earth Day?

Studies show around 88% of consumers want brands to strive for a cleaner, more sustainable world. Some are even willing to pay a bit more to support a company embracing causes they care about.

Companies have an opportunity to inspire their communities to be more eco-friendly. One person or brand may not be able to save the world, but if everyone works together, they can make a significant impact. Here are some of the best ways to contribute.

1. Start a Recycling Program

Each employee in your company generates waste. Reduce your business’s carbon footprint by encouraging each worker to recycle more. You might tie some incentives to creating less waste. You can either reward individually or company-wide. For example, if the break room sees a 10% increase in items going in the recycle bin appropriately, offer a catered lunch.

2. Plant Some Trees

Do you have a few employees who are passionate about green living and improving the Earth? Consider organizing a tree planting event on the weekend. You can find a local park or nature preserve that would be interested in a tree donation and planting. Your company may even be able to purchase trees from an organization that plants additional trees for each tree purchased. This not only helps the planet, but also offers a great opportunity for employees to bond with each other.

3. Learn Something New

Celebrate Earth Day by inviting a special speaker to talk. Employees can attend, but you can also invite your customers as part of your community outreach. Some ideas include topics on recycling, reducing carbon footprints, building your own rainwater collection system, or sustainable living.

4. Start a Green Fundraiser

Is there a way to help your local community be more environmentally sustainable? Talk to your employees and look around your area. Is there a water basin drying up that needs to be filled? Perhaps a local park has trash all over it. Find a cause and then raise the funds to fix the issue.

5. Give Workers Time to Volunteer

Around 20% of employees remain loyal to a brand that stands behind sustainability. Offer paid volunteer time off (VTO) for Earth Day. You’ll contribute time to other organizations in the area and retain your top workers at the same time.

Your business could either host a volunteer opportunity, like a beach or highway cleanup on Earth Day, or help employees connect with organizations looking for volunteers. This could be especially helpful if you have remote employees or multiple locations.

6. Host a Party

Who doesn’t love a good party? Throw an event with an Earth theme and educate the community about creating a greener planet. The more you raise awareness, the more people will want to do their part to create a zero-waste environment.

7. Start a Program

Do you see a need in your community? Start a special program people can get involved in. Your business can sponsor the costs of starting up the nonprofit program and contribute regularly but let others with a passion for the cause run the organization. Your business could even create sustainable merchandise from organizations that also give back to the planet.

8. Offer Discounts

Give your customers discounts if they recycle. For example, if you sell hair care products, offer a program where people can invest in a refillable glass bottle. Anytime they refill, they get a 20% discount or some other perk. If every business did a few things, the number of people protecting the environment would increase dramatically.

9. Revamp Your Space

One simple change, such as swapping out incandescent bulbs for LED ones, can have a huge impact on your energy usage. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that Energy Star-rated LED bulbs save about 75% on energy usage and last 25 times longer.

You can also remove printers and go to a digital model for documents, install automatic faucets and lights in the bathrooms, and invest in higher-efficiency appliances in the break room.

10. Fix Food Waste

Wasting food costs the world in a number of ways. First, farming has an impact on the environment. While people need food to live, no one wants to throw out tons of groceries. Allow employees to bring items such as canned goods they no longer need and donate to local food shelters.

You can also start a community garden on your property and encourage people to grow their own food while adding plants to the area. Another idea is to sponsor community gardens and farmers markets in food deserts near where you live.

11. Gift Tree-Planting Kit

Implementation of customized tree kits can help businesses significantly contribute to the Earth Day cause. These kits can be given as branded corporate gifts to clients or used as employee incentives, establishing a deeper bond with nature. This way, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the environment while also promoting their brand.

12. Send eGifts that Plant Real Trees

Embrace digital gifting by Branded Gift Stories. These gifts plant real trees while conveying personalized messages, associating your company effectively with sustainable initiatives. This sustainable e-gift alternative is tailored for businesses seeking innovative earth day ideas for work.

13. Conduct Quiz Challenges

Boost employee engagement and educate them about the environment with ‘You Play We Plant – Customized Quiz Challenges‘. Real trees are planted as a result of these quizzes, which focus on vital environmental topics, making this an impactful Earth Day initiative.

14. Showcase Environmental Impact on Website

Make the company’s commitment to the environment clear to all by displaying the WePlant badge on your business website. This badge not only confirms your dedication to the planet but also encourages visitors to take environmental action.

15. Invest in Carbon Credits

Businesses can further cement their commitment towards reducing carbon footprint by investing in nature-based Carbon Credits. This not only contributes towards offsetting the company’s carbon emissions, but also supports Tanzania’s, first large-scale ‘Carbon Credit Creation Forestry Program’. For businesses looking for tangible ways to showcase their dedication to environmental sustainability, this is a significant and measurable step. It aligns with global green initiatives and sets a powerful example to other businesses and the local community. This is not only a responsible business choice but also a profound Earth Day contribution.

Plan Now

Bounce around some ideas for contributing to Earth Day so you’ll be ready when April 22nd arrives. Companies inspire those around them to embrace green causes. How can you serve as an example to your neighborhood?

We can contribute to Earth Day by introducing eco-friendly practices in our daily routines like recycling, planting trees, reducing the use of plastic, and supporting companies like ForestNation, which champion environmental causes.

Businesses can help the environment by adopting sustainable practices such as reducing waste, optimizing energy usage, encouraging employees to adopt green habits, and using products that encourage environmental stewardship like tree kits.

A company can contribute to the environment by implementing green policies, educating employees about sustainability, participating in tree-planting activities, investing in carbon credits, and joining initiatives like the Earth Day campaign.

You can celebrate Earth Day at the workplace by organizing environment-focused events like webinars or quizzes about sustainability, hosting clean-up drives, gifting employees with green products, or planting trees together.

Companies can celebrate Earth Day by reducing energy consumption, planting trees, promoting recycling, organizing environment-focused activities, and partnering with organizations committed to environmental causes.

Businesses can reduce their environmental impact by adopting energy-efficient practices, reducing waste, encouraging remote work, utilizing digital technology to reduce paper consumption, and investing in sustainable projects or carbon credits.

Businesses can contribute to climate change through high carbon emissions, excessive use of resources, and lack of investment in renewable energy. However, more businesses are now making efforts to reduce their carbon footprints.

On Earth Day, offices can host educational sessions about the environment, start a recycling initiative, plant trees as a team, and consider more long-term changes like switching to energy-efficient lighting or investing in carbon credits.

The Earth Day campaign is a global movement that encourages individuals and organizations to take actions that positively impact the environment. Examples of actions include planting trees, reducing waste, conserving energy, and raising awareness about environmental issues. Some companies use this day to announce their sustainability initiatives or show their involvement with eco-friendly organizations like ForestNation.

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