10 Thousand Trees to 1000 Homes in Haiti

Karen Nicolas
thank you eden tax and forestnation

March 7

7000 bags of soil haiti

7000 of 10,000 bags filled with soil. They should have all been filled with seeds by last Friday but rain week slowed production. Meanwhile we distributed the first 2000 trees that were started in February just in time for the rain. Of the 10,000, 5000 bags will get hardwood sprouts, mostly Spanish Cedar this time because those seeds are what’s in nature right now and Enel has paid some kids a few coins to collect them off the ground under the trees.5000 bags of soil will get fruit seeds: tamarind, orange, grapefruit, lime, coconut, mango, cherry, cashew, breadfruit. Enel, our nursery manager, is buying seeds from individuals rather than from big garden stores. He spreads the word and local people who eat fruits bring him the seeds. Exciting grassroots effort

preparing soil for the saplings

So far we are buying truck loads of dirt but we are also beginning the compost process. It will take a large amount of vegetation and a huge hole to produce what we will need. Some of the fruit trees will stay 6 months in the nursery to reach maturity. Others will be ready to distribute in 2 or 3 months. The community is more than ready to continue filling bags and maintaining a full nursery. Currently, we are preparing the land for maintaining 50,000 always in the nursery.

May 7

Distribution may 1 of sed and tamarind
tree distribution haiti locals

Last weekend for May 1, Day of Trees in Haiti, they announced to all surrounding villages to come and get the Sed trees and some of the mature fruit trees from the nursery. Lots of people came trickling in all day maintaining social distancing and taking trees home. Everyone is quite happy about the project. Now, just fruit trees remain since they need more time to grow.

May 11

Mango seeds for haiti

These photos are from today. They have started cutting open 5000 mango seeds to remove the shell from the seed. They will be ready for planting in tree bags starting Monday. They will be filling 1000 bags a day with 6 people working. Meanwhile, Agro Nerva, our chief Agronomist and motivational speaker, is traveling all over collecting mango seeds from his congregation across many villages.

May 20

5000 Mangoes growing

The 5000 bags of soil all got mango seeds. However, some did not survive. We planted tamarind and cashew in those, about 1000 trees.June 10Mango trees look great, we will distribute them in a couple weeks.June 15Inspired by our work, there are community leaders hoping to grow a few thousand cashew trees on their community land. I suggested 6000 cashews to be grown for their mountains.

June 26

delivering trees to haiti villages

Thank you so much for all you have done for the community of Saint Louis de Sud, Haiti. The people from mountain villages all over this region came in May to collect the trees they requested and are so thankful for: orange, grapefruit, lime, tamarind, mango, breadfruit and Haitian Oak.Giving trees to local families is one of the best ways to reforest here. They are growing the fruit trees all around their homes for much needed food and shade. And, when you give to families, it’s mostly the children that water the trees and carry the love for them into the next generation. 10,000 trees distributed to approximately 1000 homes. We made a big difference!

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Karen Nicolas
Karen Nicolas has been leading reforestation efforts in Haiti since 2010. Her passion for reforestation grew from a desire to help people meet their basic needs in a sustainable way. As a lover of travel and adventure she grew a career out of working in relief efforts after natural disasters which led her to spending years in Haiti where she felt she could make the most difference.

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