6 Ways to Create Green Events with Trees

Jeshua Cardenas
Green events

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, it’s no surprise that events are also taking notice. But how can event organizers and exhibitors make their events truly sustainable while also effectively communicating their efforts to attendees?

The answer is simple: through the gift of trees.

Here are 6 unique ideas for making your events green and memorable by planting and gifting trees.

1. Tree Kits as Event Giveaways

Make a lasting impact by giving away tree kits that attendees can grow at home. The kits are eco-friendly and compostable, leaving no waste behind.

Plant matching trees to add a powerful cause message and create more positive impact.

Encourage recipients to share their growth journey by naming their trees and posting photos and updates.

See how Hako gifted trees at an event with a stunning wall display showcasing their tree kits and highlighting their impact.

More examples here: The Power of Event Giveaways

2. Tree Kits as Event Passes

Say goodbye to plastic and hello to eco-friendly tree kits as your event passes.

Not only will attendees appreciate your sustainable efforts, but the trees they grow will serve as a lasting reminder of your event’s impact

Take it a step further by choosing bamboo lanyards  for a completely eco-friendly solution.

3. Plant trees with any Gift

Make your gifts even more meaningful by adding a green touch. For each gift, plant a tree that offsets its carbon footprint and transforms the gift into a carbon-negative gesture. Highlight this impact on the product’s packaging or inserts, and include a QR code that leads to your Forest profile. Allow recipients to see their contribution and plant more trees with you.

4. Gift a Forest to Event attendees

Gift event attendees a Forest as a gift to offset their emissions. Plant trees on their behalf and send them an eGift with a personal message. They can view their gifted Forest and your message in their Forest profile instantly.

5. Plant Trees to Offset the Entire Event’s Emissions

Calculate your event emissions and plant trees to offset these emissions. There are many event emissions calculators out there, we recommend Happily’s calculator. They’re an event agency who offset all their event emissions by planting trees.

Here’s a great example from ME Week on how to communicate carbon neutral events.

6. Lead Gen at Events with Trees

Use QR codes and landing pages with lead capture forms at events. For every form filled out, a tree is planted. Attendees receive an email with their gifted forest and a personalized message from you.

ForestNation is offering this Lead Gen tool to Event exhibitors and organizers for free – we will plant 1 tree for free for every new lead you generate.

In conclusion

We hope you can apply all these ideas to your upcoming events. We’d love to work with you to make your events sustainable and green. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or you can get in touch directly with our team here.

Green events, also known as sustainable events, are gatherings organized with an aim to minimize environmental impact. They incorporate strategies like waste reduction, energy efficiency, and the use of eco-friendly alternatives. Green events emphasize on environmental responsibility at every stage of the event planning and execution, striving to leave a positive imprint on our planet.

Green event ideas can range from choosing a sustainable venue, implementing an effective recycling policy, to giving attendees tree kits from ForestNation which serves as an eco-friendly event participation souvenir. Other ideas can include arranging for shuttles for transport to reduce carbon emissions, promoting carpooling and public transit among attendees, and choosing caterers who provide locally-sourced, organic food to minimize carbon footprint.

A comprehensive guide to green events should include an understanding about sustainable event management, with focus on waste stream knowledge and identification of areas needing improvement. The guide should provide practical ways to make events sustainable, such as the usage of digital invitations, promotion of recycling and upcycling, opting for green catering, and incorporating eco-friendly promotional products. Additionally, it should also dwell upon steps to offset carbon emissions, collaborations with sustainable event suppliers and ways to educate attendees about sustainability.

In 2023, we envision green events to become mainstream, with increased digitalization, use of sustainable materials and an emphasis on carbon neutrality. We hope to see a surge in the use of ForestNation’s tree kits as giveaways, contributing to long term sustainability and giving attendees a powerful reminder about the significance of eco-friendly practices. Also, in line with global trends, we anticipate that more events will incorporate innovative green technology, actively promote sustainable transportation options, and place greater importance on educating attendees about their role in protecting our environment.

Jeshua Cardenas

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