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Tree Planting in Ethiopia

Severe land degradation currently plagues Ethiopia, thanks to generations of unsustainable land-use practices and an increasing population pressure. These aspects have caused a sharp decrease in agricultural productivity and fodder production for livestock. Consequently, it forces residents to farm and graze their lands more intensively, contributing to a perpetual cycle of poverty.

Escaping this impoverishment cycle is notoriously difficult in Ethiopia since it is engendered by a multitude of interrelated factors. The root causes essentially lie in socio-economic factors such as population growth which has led to deforestation, overgrazing, and agricultural expansion. Natural factors including the region’s topography, soil type, and varying drought/rainfall intensities also play a significant part. Additionally, poor institutional coordination and limiting political factors significantly amplify the degradation of land.

These combined factors culminate in a lethal synergistic effect causing escalated soil degradation. This effect drastically curtails agricultural productivity and other biological production forms. Subsequently, poverty is exacerbated and there is a strain on natural resources, pushing consumption beyond their sustainable replacement capacity. As a result, there’s an accelerated rate of land degradation, fuelling an endless loop linking human and environmental degradation.

We have been working diligently to help break this cycle and create sustainable livelihoods.

Since 2011 our tree planting partner has worked with 4 community nurseries in Konso and 20 community nurseries in Dimtu.  They have distributed more than 1.5 million trees, to help create sustainable livelihoods.

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Jeshua Cardenas

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