How Businesses Can Focus on Sustainable Corporate Gifting


Winter is the season of gifts and people will be ordering gifts from shops worldwide to give to their loved ones. Even you as a business owner could gift your employees, vendor, client or customers some presents to unwrap during the holiday.

Whether you’re into gifting or it’s just a tiny part of your business, it’s crucial to be mindful of the environment and how what you give impacts it. In a world of climate change, you can use this holiday to focus on sustainable gifting because it would mean playing a part in making the environment safe for everyone.

What Is Sustainable Corporate Gifting?

Sustainable corporate gifting is sending presents from a business to people or separate individuals while making sure the content is friendly to the environment. As an individual, you could ask a business to send a sustainable corporate gift on your behalf. Companies can also send green gifts to other brands.

5 Ways Your Business Can Implement Sustainable Corporate Gifting

If you’ve ever thought of sending gifts and contributing to a sustainable environment at the same time but don’t know how to, read the simple tips below to get some ideas.

1.  Send Recycled or Reusable Products

One way your company can participate in sustainability is by sending reusable or recycled gifts. Instead of gifting disposable items, some of the products you can offer include mugs, paperless notebooks or reusable water bottles. However, if you aim to send disposable presents, go for something the recipient can recycle. You could even write instructions on recycling the gift on the package.

2.  Try Electronic Gift Cards

Sending a digital gift card is a sustainable way of corporate gifting because it helps reduce waste. It’s also a great way of sending last-minute presents without worrying about their environmental impacts.

3.  Send Locally-Sourced Gifts

Organic or locally-sourced materials are great corporate gifts to present to people to promote a sustainable environment. For example, you could send your employees a woven basket, coffee beans or homemade candles for warm, cozy nights. These items could be a fantastic way of letting them know you prioritize their well-being.

4.  Opt for Recycled Paper Packaging

It’s normal to make the mistake of wrapping gifts in packages that are not eco-friendly. As a company looking to get involved in sustainability while also considering customers and profit, opting for recycled paper is one of the strategies you can use to wrap presents. This also means you’re fulfilling your corporate social responsibility — a process that lets you integrate social and ecological values into your business.

5.  Shop Gifts from Sustainable Brands

Another option you can choose from if you are too busy to put together locally-sourced products is shopping from brands that are reputable for sustainable gifts. They can ensure the goods you purchase are made from eco-friendly materials. Buying presents from sustainable brands also contributes to people’s perspectives of your green values.

Gift Sustainably

Everyone should play their part in minimizing the effects of climate change and contributing to a sustainable future by changing some of their activities. Joining this movement as a company will also motivate your customers and employees to follow the same path. Consider these five tips this holiday season to give the gift of appreciation and sustainability.


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