How to Make Your Medicine Cabinet More Eco-Friendly

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Many of us are currently on the lookout for ways that we can make our lives a little bit more eco-friendly. Living in an environmentally conscious way doesnโ€™t just enable us to contribute what we can to the fight for a greener and more sustainable future, it can also enable us to lead healthier and more frugal lives.

When we think of ways to live greener lives, most people think straight away of their electronic devices and the amount of energy that they use heating or cooling their home. Only a few people think beyond this, perhaps to the food in their cupboards or the medicine in their bathroom cabinet. However, both are excellent targets for a green rethink of your priorities.

Consider Packaging


One of the most important factors to consider when you are ascertaining the environmental impact of a product is the packaging that it comes in. Products that are excessively packaged will have a disproportionate environmental impact. Pay particular attention to whether the packaging is made of something recyclable like cardboard or whether it is unrecyclable plastic. Some plastic is recyclable, however, so make sure to check.

Eco-Friendly Sources


It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a wooden product is going to be better for the environment than a plastic one. But what if that wooden product is made from timber that has been harvested irresponsibly? Or if the plastic in question is photodegradable?

It is important that you look beyond just the material in question and do some digging to find out exactly where it has come from and how it was produced.



You will find no shortage of information online about natural alternatives to common medicines, and some of this information can be very useful. However, you should be somewhat wary of anyone who is clearly trying to push their own anti-science agenda dressed up as environmentalism โ€“ stick to natural alternatives that are backed up by solid science.

For example, CBD is an increasingly popular and natural treatment for a number of common health issues. The evidence for CBDโ€™s effectiveness has been growing steadily for a while now and it has shown to be both safe and non-addictive. Always speak to your doctor if you plan on using CBD in place of existing medicines to ensure that it is safe for you to do so.

If you do find that CBD works well for you, you might want to consider buying Bulk CBD distillate. CBD distillate is a very potent, and therefore cost-effective, preparation of CBD. If you can buy it in bulk, you will save even more money over time.

Living a greener and more environmentally-conscious life has lots of advantages. Sure, helping to save the planet is great, but it is also a way of setting a great example for your kids, improving your health, and saving money. Next time you find yourself buying hygiene and beauty products, consider whether there are eco-friendly options available.

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