I Want More Hazel Trees


“I want some more hazel trees in my tree labyrinth and the rest are alders to fill gaps in my alder tree hedge.”

Pledge Nº99 – IRELAND {Republic}

#earthday #forestnation


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  1. Interesting the comment made by 99.
    For EarthDay 2015, I had chosen some trees from a local sustainable organic nursery; oaks because we’re in Brian Boru land – where the massive oak forests once upon a time were hewn down by the foreign invaders to build their nations and ships – but also chose some alders for the wet ground, and lastly some hazels because I want more hazels. In the temperate nation of Ireland, I observe that our nutrition oil is taken from almost 100% imported sources (olive oil, hemp oil, flax oil, sunflower oil, ETC.!) .. I notice that rapeseed is being grown now to source oil – hooray – but not much else. So I’m putting my hope in the hazels!
    Comment 99 was interesting cos I could’ve written it, being as it speaks of alders and hazels and is signed form Ireland as well!

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