Packsize Pledges to Plant Trees with their Community

See how Packsize is raising awareness about sustainable packaging by planting trees with their community.
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With every item we buy, we rely on packaging to get it to us. We need packaging to safely transport our food from its source to our homes, to deliver materials, to protect things in transit from being ruined before we can use them.
Most people don’t realize how wasteful packaging can be. Packaging makes up nearly 30% of municipal solid waste!
That’s a lot of trash.
Lucky for us all, there are some awesome companies out there who want to work on fixing this issue.
Enter: Packsize.

What is Packsize?

Packsize is a company that looked at packing as we know it, and changed it. Targeting oversized packages that take more resources not only to create, but to fill, Packsize works to tailor each package to be the smallest it can be. To top that, it does it instantaneously, creating packages upon demand.

Packsize Principles

In order to make their packaging more sustainable, Packsize follows four main goals.
One: Use less corrugated cardboard. Plain and simple, goal one is to reduce materials.
Two: Minimize Void Fill. All those foam peanuts and fillers that protect your objects from moving around your box during shipping, but end up in landfills and oceans. No need to use them if your product is in the right size!
Three: Reduce Box Management. Instead of stocking up on large boxes of different sizes, Packsize saves space and materials by helping companies only have what they need, without all the extra.
Four: Increase Sustainability. As if the other goals weren’t a give away for this already. All the steps that Packsize follows to be more sustainable help to limit carbon footprint, limit pollution, and save some trees in the process. That’s a goal we can all get behind.

Helping the Environment: In Numbers

Remember that corrugated cardboard we talked about earlier? Well, for every million square feet of it used by Packsize versus alternative companies, there is..

60% Less void space filled26% Less cardboard used
40% Box reduction
25 tons of Co2 saved from the environment

packsize you plant we plant

Packsize Meets ForestNation

“Packsize is excited to bring ForestNation Tree Kits to customers, employees, and partners throughout the year during various events, trade shows, and customer visits. We want to give everyone a unique way to offset their carbon footprint and be part of #youplantweplant. We hope to raise awareness and encourage recipients to register their tree, enabling our Packsize forest to grow, develop and flourish in Tanzania.” ~ Packsize.
Packsize is matching every tree gifted with a tree planted in Tanzania. So far, they’ve planted over 1,000 trees.

If you want to get this number even higher, you can help grow the Packsize forest!

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