Doctors Recommend Ecotherapy for Better Mental Health

Houseplants and gardening help fight anxiety and depression

Taking care of plants and watching them grow is therapeutic. Doctors in the UK are now recommending this ecotherapy to people fighting anxiety, loneliness and depression. NHS run Cornbook Medical Practice in Manchester is prescribing houseplants and gardening to their patients dealing with mental health issues.

Augusta Ward, 31, a medical secretary at Cornbrook Medical Practice, said to The Metro: “The plants we will be giving people are mainly herbs – things like lemon balm and catmint, which all have mindful qualities. Having something to care for brings so many benefits to people – especially for those who may not have a garden or be able to have pets. The plant is then a reason to come back to the surgery and get involved in all the other activities in our garden and make new friends.”


Similar social prescription programs are gaining momentum in the UK, thanks to the NHS’s efforts. See how Sydenham Garden in London is changing lives through ecotherapy.


Elsewhere, a prison in Bridgend, Wales is winning hearts with their gardening scheme for inmates. These stories are a testament to the transformative effect of ecotherapy.


Why Ecotherapy?


Being around nature is good for better health and wellbeing. Having plants growing inside your home and workplace helps. Gardening activities add a sense of community to that.

So why wait for doctors to prescribe you ecotherapy when you can proactively reap the benefits. We can help you commit – make a pledge to plant with us to give back to Mother Earth, so she can give you aplenty 🙂

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