Tree Planting in Cavaillon – Haiti

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The planting project is situated in a very quiet, non-violent region of Haiti where the local population has witnessed the devastation of their environment. They know their own actions are the reason for their plight making it logical for them to make reforestation a priority.

The Haiti Tree Project was the idea of a couple of volunteers who aimed to establish a culture of tree planting. The individuals who actually achieved this have the conviction that they should grow a variety of fruit and forest trees native to the country, that women must hold major roles in the committee and that education is the key to success.

Each year, the planting owners run educational seminars for landowners on land management and tree care before distributing trees, educate and distribute trees in high schools, follow-up after distribution to verify all trees are planted or cared for and make random surveys on survival rates.


They are now working to establish a legal Haitian non-profit organization that represents all 7 villages in the area, to sell trees and especially the 8000 trees from Forestnation at a subsidized cost to landowners within the zone and to reforest on the mountains behind several local schools so children may be involved in reforesting.

This photo was taken last week (12th March 2016). A man named Nesson planted these hardwood trees on his land in 2011. He always took a lot of trees during each distribution and now he is part of the committee and does much of the work to build the tree nursery. He has watershed land he plans to reforest with the trees growing now.

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