Case Studies


“As OneCoWork grows, we understand that as a business we have a bigger carbon footprint to offset, and we’re proud to be taking our first steps to do just that.”

Ray’s Photography

“I choose to partner with ForestNation because they not only contribute to the reforestation of our planet; they help provide income, education and farming support to the people of Haiti.”

Solution Group

trees by solution group
Solution Group plants 100 trees for every €5000 clients spend with them. See how they're communicating this initiative and using it to win more clients.


“Just as we approach every landscape project from an environmental perspective to minimize waste and achieve equilibrium with the natural surroundings, we hope our involvement with ForestNation will encourage others in Santa Barbara County to take similar action to create…

Foundation Repsol

“The Tree Kits enable us to combine the process of Corporate Social Responsibility, to sustain the development of a healthier environment, and raise awareness of its importance.” ~ Javier Inclán de la Cuesta, Director, Foundation Repsol.


Totem used the tree kits as an In-Store Retail Promotion to contribute towards, and to promote, their existing tree planting efforts. The tree kits offered Totem a unique way to engage with their clients by getting them get involved in…


“We believe the ForestNation program will help to reinforce general awareness of social responsibility and the positive effect it has on each individual actively adopting these principles by growing their own tree.”



Syncrude Canada used the Tree Kits as a trade show give way to generate leads and communicate their CSR efforts. They also donated 1000 Tree Kits to the local girl guides, a great way to give back to the local…


“We are using ForestNation Tree Kits to care for our planet and communicate our green values. We are creating an Earth Day event for local school students and our community. The Tree Kits offered a unique method for us to…


“Having the tree kits at our trade event exhibits, extended our message that choosing wood products for design and construction is an excellent environmental and sustainable decision for the future. We engaged many more people in our booth as a…



“We are using ForestNation Tree Kits to serve as a reminder to be mindful of our planet.“ – Aliyea Rizai, Senior Manager of Digital Communications at Workiva

Eventures Unlimited

eventures forest

“We felt that ForestNation tree kits were the perfect promotional item to give away. Anyone can give out standard promotional items which are either quickly discarded or forgotten about, but giving out a tree kit with seeds that someone can…