How Going Green Can Boost Your Growth: A Playbook to Generate More Sales and Happy Customers

Jeshua Cardenas

What is the ROI of Sustainability and how to unlock this ROI with your campaigns? Here are insights based on success stories from companies we’ve worked with.

With more people demanding climate action, being sustainable is super important. It’s not just a trend—it’s a really smart thing to do.

Did you know that businesses that help the environment can make a lot more money? They can make 2.4 times more moneycompared to those that don’t. 

This post is all about how being kind to nature helps your business to grow sustainably. We’ll talk about how it can help you sell more, keep customers happy, and make people like your brand – importantly not greenwashing. 

We’ll also look at cool companies that are already doing this and give you step-by-step ideas to try.

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ROI of Climate Action

Boost Sales and Conversions

Think about all the extra sales you could get by being kind to the planet. You will get more people buying from you and liking your brand more.

A study by NYU Stern’s Center for Sustainable Business found that products labelled as good for the Earth grew much 5.6 times faster than those that weren’t

The companies and people that do good should get the most reward!

When you look after the Earth, it’s not only nice for nature but it will also boost your finances. It’s like uncovering a hidden treasure 🙂

Gain Competitive Advantage

In 2019, HSBC Bank reported that around half of all businesses think that using eco-friendly strategies makes them different from their competition in a good way.

Your competitors have already started being nice to the planet. They might be stealing your customers because of it. But you can fight back!

When you show that you care about the Earth, people might like your brand more. It’s like a special superpower that makes customers choose you.⚡

Attracting Investors

In 2020, a big number – 88% of eco-friendly indexes did betterthan their usual measure. This shows that companies that care about the Earth are attracting smart investors.

People who invest money really like companies that help our planet. If you show that you’re making the world better, they are more likely to invest in your growth. It’s like making new friends who want to help you succeed.

Build Brand Reputation

66% of consumers worldwide are willing to pay more for sustainable goods.

A strong brand is built on trust and honesty. When you show you’re helping the planet, people trust you more. They know you don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk. When you do good things, people will remember you for a long time.

Keep Customers Happy and Coming Back

Seven out of every ten people surveyed in the US and Canada think it’s really important for brands to be good to the Earth and do right things.

Having customers who really like your brand is a big deal. When you help them give back, it makes them feel proud to buy from you. They’ll want to stick around and keep buying from you because they’re part of something good.

Make customers excited

Three out of every four people expect companies to help the environment when they’re doing their business.

When you’re good to Mother Earth, people like it. They feel like they’re part of something special. When they see your Forest profile or other cool things you’re doing, they’ll feel more connected to you. It’s a happy and growing community.

Inspiring Examples of Companies Planting Trees

Several companies have already tapped into the potential of tree planting as a means to boost sales and foster client engagement. Let’s take a closer look at some of these inspiring examples:

Solution Group

  • Promotional merchandise distributor in Italy
  • They plant 100 trees for every €5000
  • They show their impact on packaging of products ordered
  • Their team shares impact reports with clients to encourage repeat business

See the full case study here >

Image Source

  • Promotional products distributor in US planting a tree for every order
  • Gifting #YouPlantWePlant tree growing kits to their team and clients for Earth Day
  • Having an option on their merch store for clients to plant more trees per order
  • Providing trees as add-on to other physical gifts, to create more cause marketing engagement, using digital gifts to communicate their impact.

See their Forest here >


  • Events management company planting trees to offset emissions for client events
  • Gifted a Forest to each of their clients and using egifts to communicate their impact

See the full case study here >


  • Shipping and logistics provider planting trees to offset client emissions using their services
  • Gifted a Forest to each of their clients, and sharing updates encouraging clients to keep shipping and making an impact with Shypple

See the full case study here >

Your Forest Step by Step Playbook

1. Decide how many trees you’ll plant

You could plant a tree for every sale or when you hit certain goals.

2. Create your landing page

Create a special page on your website to show your impact. ForestNation’s Forest profiles are awesome for this!

3. Start planting

Begin your initiative by planting trees. You could plant based on how much you sell or how much emissions you want to offset, for example.

4. Tell everyone about it

Share your good news on your website, social media, and emails. Show off your WePlant badge to let website visitors know you’re a nature hero.

5. Thank customers when they plant with you

Whenever a customer makes a purchase that contributes to your tree planting efforts, send them a thank-you message. This can be done through an automated email or a personalized eGift.

6. Keep them updated

Share your progress regularly. Tell them how many trees you’ve planted or what you’ve achieved. People love to know how you’re making a difference with them.

Over to you

Helping the planet isn’t just good for all of us—it’s good for your business too! 

Remember, being green is a journey, not a quick fix. Make it part of everything you do, just like breathing. 

If you need help, our team is ready to guide you. Get in touch for a free strategy brainstorming session on how you can succeed while making Mother Earth smile. 🌍

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