Inspiring Community Action in Haiti

Karen Nicolas
Trees for villagers in Haiti

Jun 22

In a location called Zorange, they’re building a road so that they can get trees to the top of the mountains there. This initiative was taken by a local leader named Dorville, who was inspired by the ForestNation nursery and built the road because of the hope to get our trees up there. It’s more than 10 kawo of private land that they want to reach with Fruit trees of all kinds.

Jul 7

villagers taking trees home haiti
People from all over the villages and the city of Saint Louis de Sud came and grabbed up all the mango trees as soon as we advertised the last couple days. They were ready to go. Perfect size for transplant. I’ve asked Enel to keep track of where they go more or less so we can visit in the future. I’m hoping he’ll keep some good records.Right now we are waiting for 2000 cashew trees to finish growing to give to Dorvilier.

Jul 25

Here’s a picture of avocados seeds that kids are bringing for Enel to grow.

More local organizations and leaders are getting involved…

“We are with the community organization, UGADES, here in Sucrerie. Our job is to find ways to help the local community. Currently we care for this tree nursery with Enel Cyril. Our objective is to see how we can create vegetation canopy for Saint Louis de Sud. We have partnered with another larger organization called ORHE, Organization Haitian of the Environment, that is now following our progress. We also have the support of the political leader, Milo Henry, who always gives funding to community efforts, like transport for the trees today. He truly wants to make life better for Saint Louis de Sud. So it is our pleasure that we are here today with the hardworking manager Enel Cyril, who runs our community nursery. Our task now is to transport these trees out to people who live too far to walk with them home and facilitate the betterment of people’s lives. With a better environment we can live more peacefully. We are very thankful for everyone out there who is partnering with us to cover our land with trees. Thank you.”

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Karen Nicolas
Karen Nicolas has been leading reforestation efforts in Haiti since 2010. Her passion for reforestation grew from a desire to help people meet their basic needs in a sustainable way. As a lover of travel and adventure she grew a career out of working in relief efforts after natural disasters which led her to spending years in Haiti where she felt she could make the most difference.

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