Reforesting the Mountains of Haiti

Karen Nicolas
haiti mountain reforestation

7000 seedling bags are being filled with soil to grow 3000 avocados, 3000 hardwoods, and 1000 cashew. ForestNation funded 3000 of these hardwood and cashew trees.The other avocados, and hardwoods were funded by a Haitian native, Paul Leger. Paul is from the mountainous region around the tree nursery and he offered to pay to plant all the hardwood trees on the mountaintop. He will distribute the fruit trees to the landowners in the same area. Those growers who keep their trees healthy will become part of an organization to reforest the mountaintops long term.

7000 bags of soil haiti mountains

Children collect Sed and other seeds off the ground under the trees and bring them to us for planting. The landowners love to grow these trees all over because they grow fast, and straight. They have a small canopy so they make an excellent border fence for crops. They also survive drought really well, making them the best tree to blanket mountaintops this time of year.

A Saint Louis de Sud political leader and landowner by the name of Dorvilier, inspired by our large tree nursery in La Sucrerie, organized the community of Zorange to build a road to the mountaintops there. The land was deforested in the last 30 years and only the smaller, bush like trees remain. The soil has been largely lost by erosion from hard rains. The road will provide a way for truck loads of seedlings and compost to reach the mountaintop there. Thanks to on-going supporters of our project and Dorvilier supporters in Haiti, a biodiverse forest will soon return to the region.

Karen Nicolas
Karen Nicolas has been leading reforestation efforts in Haiti since 2010. Her passion for reforestation grew from a desire to help people meet their basic needs in a sustainable way. As a lover of travel and adventure she grew a career out of working in relief efforts after natural disasters which led her to spending years in Haiti where she felt she could make the most difference.

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